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Cali (COURTESY 9/4/16)


Medium  |  Female

Lovingston, VA


Humane Society/SPCA of Nelson County ALMOST HOME 29 Stagebridge Road, Lovingston, VA 22949 434 263-7722
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SEPT. 4, 2016:
Cali is a spayed female boxer mix, approximately 4 years old and weighs 45 pounds. Housebroken and rarely barks. Being taught to heel.
When Cali was a puppy, she did everything right. She was adorable, she wagged her tail and gave kisses, and she jumped with happiness to see her family. But, as she grew bigger, her family didn't find her jumping and kissing so adorable anymore. So, they chained her outside away from them and ignored her. If they talked to her, it was to yell at her. If she jumped up for kisses, they pushed her down. They left her alone in the dark and the rain, no matter how much she cried, and sometimes forgot to feed her. She had no toys or affection. She stopped wagging her tail and lived in terror of the night. After years of neglect, she was abandoned.

When we got Cali, she would eat rocks, not understanding that we would never let her go hungry. She would whimper at night, even in her sleep, and shake uncontrollably when it rained, even though we tried to tell her we would always keep her safe.
We have two elderly dogs that we hoped Cali would adopt as her new family. Unfortunately, her fear of not getting enough food and of having things taken away from her has made it hard for her to trust our other dogs, and she attacks them. We don't want Cali to be abandoned again, but our other dogs can't deal with her and we promised them we'd take care of them, too. We really want Cali to find a good home where she's somebody's only love, who gives her a soft bed in the sunshine (she loves sunshine) and pepperoni snacks (her favorite).

For more information about adopting Cali, please contact her current owner at

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Lovingston, VA

(434) 263-7722

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