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3 years, 2 months
Small  |  Male

Waco, TX


Just look at this super cute & spunky little guy! And while you are at it, look into his eyes - they are mesmerizing to say the least. He take a few minutes to warm up and feel relaxed, but thereafter he is just an all fun and get up and go kind of guy. He likes to cuddle and be a ''typical'' lapdog, but at the same time is ready for long walks and adventures wherever you go. If you like the little ones, you simply have to meet him. He seems to like everyone he has met so far, people and dogs alike. Captain Buggy is also leash trained and has all around good manners. So, just come on in and check him out...with his unique looks, in addition to the color of his eyes, his coat is also of an interesting shade of gray/blue/fawn,he is very special indeed.

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