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Medium  |  Female

San Francisco, CA


Carla is a 10 months old, spayed female dog weighing 31 lbs.
Carla was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Taiwan. She was too skinny, not a pure breed that made her too little chance to be adopted. When we first saw her, she was so bony and afraid. She seemed to know that she was on the put down list the next morning without any hope to see the beautiful sunshine again. Her eyes looked very sad and dull. Without second thought, we claimed her out and took her to an animal hospital for a thorough physical checkup. Luckily she didn’t have any serious diseases but malnutrition. After completing all necessary medical treatment and giving her well nutritional supplements, she turned into a beautiful and adorable girl. Thanks to the foster family’s intensive care, she is becoming more and more confident each day. Right now she is a very happy, sweet girl who is very cuddly. Although she may be shy when first meeting strangers, she warms up quickly for petting if you crouch down to welcome her. She settles in quickly in a new environment if there is another dog in the house. Carla also likes children very much. She is very patient and submissive to all age of children.
If you would like to give Carla a loving home, please visit to view “Carla’s” videos and profile, click “APPLY” to fill out online application.
The dog is: Submissive.
Energy level: Medium energy.
The dog is: With shy and mellow temperaments.
Is the dog friendly with: People Y, Children Y, Dogs Y, Cats Y
Is the dog good and patient with young children? Very friendly.
Is the dog housetrained? Inside on wee wee pad, need outside potty training.
Does the dog get along well with other dogs at home and in public? Yes, very well.
Does the dog bark continuously when left alone? No, not a barker.
Does the dog chew? Sometimes.
Does the dog get along well with cats? No aggression to cats.
Does the dog walk well on leash? Yes.
Does the dog have food aggression to other dogs? No.
Does the dog have food aggression to people? No.
Can people touch the food in the bowl while the dog is eating? Yes.
Is the dog afraid of man? No, likes people to crouch down to pet her.
Has the dog ever bitten anyone? No.
Is there any part of the body the dog doesn’t like to be touched? No.
How is the dog with new environment? Adjust quickly if there is a dog in the family.
Does the dog know any command? Sit before gets treats.
Is there anything the dog doesn’t like or afraid of? Afraid of people stand high to pet her, loud thunder sound, clubs and sticks.
Are there any red flags we should know? No.
Please visit to view “Carla’s” videos and profile, click “APPLY” to fill out online application.

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San Francisco, CA

(415) 221-5733

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