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Sandy, OR


I am Carson, a handsome extremely lucky Chihuahua. My first four years were rough in California…I had a different name and a close friend named Teddy. We both loved each other and were best friends. This was a very good thing because we were often not fed and neglected. One day those people took us to a ravine and dumped us. Lucky for us we used our big voices and people heard us. I have pictures of our rescue and off we went to a shelter. Teddy got adopted right away and I was alone. I did not like the shelter and would curl in a ball. The loud noises and with my friend being gone I had no one.
Lucky for me, I ended up in a foster home sponsored by My Way Home Dog rescue. I got fed twice a day….I got petted and cuddled and loved by PEOPLE…it was the most amazing thing. I am able to eat all my food, have water, get attention and this allows my finer features to come out. I am handsome and like to be the boss. I love to cuddle and can walk on a leash. I would do better with another dog and not lots of hustle and bustle. I like laps and when you lay down I can share your pillow. I also would find the crook of your elbow a wonderful place to lie. Covers are a must because there is nothing better than being warm. I am looking for a home and people who will take care of me…I will love you back in a big way…you see I may be a Chihuahua but I have the heart of a lion!
I am up to date on all of my vaccinations, neutered, and microchipped. My adoption fee is $250. If you would like to meet me, please email for an application or visit our website to download one! My Way Home adopts in the Portland metro area only.

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Sandy, OR

(503) 974-4944

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