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Hedgesville, WV



Take a Chance on me! This past year I lost my home through no fault of my own, so now I am looking for a new friend to love since my Papa recently went to heaven. I loved being able to run around in the back yard and nap on the sunny deck, and although my foster family loves me, I am ready to get all the attention for myself again. One of these pictures shows me resting for a quick moment from chasing bugs. I'm always chasing something! The other is me reflecting on my life. I am handsome, aren't I?

Everybody who knows me calls me 'The Nose' because, like any self-respecting Beagle, I love to follow a scent where ever it leads. So I guarantee you that our walks will often be an adventure if you decide to take a Chance on me. I am housebroken, crate trained, and I reliably come when called, except when I'm outside of a fenced yard- go figure!

My start in life was humble. For the first year of my life I lived in a box outdoors and was a breeder dog for a puppy mill that has long since been closed. Then I was rescued and found my way to live with a very nice, much older couple for several years. And now, having grieved losing them both (they were in their 80's), I am at peace and ready to love again.

Right now I am being fostered by a family that has several dogs, and I am used to being an only dog with my parents, so that is what I am really hoping to find again. The way I came to mistrust other dogs was when I was attacked by 2 much bigger dogs who had escaped their yard when I was on my daily leash walk with Papa in September of 2012. I am lucky to be here, and I know that I have a reason to be here since I still have so much love to give.

Although I am a senior citizen myself, I am happy and active. My retirement plan is to keep my place right next to you on the sofa warm, to score treats whenever I can, and to be your new best friend. Will you take a Chance on me?

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Hedgesville, WV

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