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Charley 3


1 year, 8 months
Large  |  Male

Woodinville, WA


Charley 3
1.5 year old male
65 pounds
Crate and house trained
Knows basic commands
No small children
No cats
Dog friendly with slow introductions
Must be only dog or paired with a passive female
Fostered in Springfield, Oregon

Hi, my name is Charley 3 and I would love to join your household.

I am still a young guy so I have a lot of energy to burn off. I love to play fetch and tug, and will run zoomies around the backyard until I get tired. I also love to go on walks and see the world. Foster Mom takes me on three walks a day and always has treats with her. It is teaching me to stay close to her while walking on the leash. Mom doesn’t seem to understand how many good things there are to investigate though. Our neighborhood has so many kitties and squirrels that I want to chase! Sometimes I carry a backpack filled with magazines on our walks, and boy does that tire me out.

When Mom leaves for work I know to get into my crate in the morning. She just says “in” and I know exactly what to do. I also like to sleep in there at night, as long as it is in the same room as Mom. I don’t really like to be in there more than that though, and I’ve figured out how to work the crate latch a few times to get out. I’d really rather go with you places! I need to work on my manners in public a little, but we can practice that together. I know lots of commands inside- sit, stay, lay down, bed, in, but “okay” is probably my favorite because it means I get to eat the food you put in front of me. I’ve only had two accidents in the house, and both were because I was on some silly medicine to help my allergy. Outside I know commands too! I know come and enough. When we are playing I need to be told “enough” to calm down, Mom calls it impulse control.

I have a tendency to play rough, so I like to play with my best friend Walter the boxer. He knows how to play like me. Walter is old and sometimes no fun, so he tells me when he’s had enough. I can be too much for other dogs, and I like to show off that I am the top dog so I have to be careful about who I hang out with. Mom likes to pair me with other mild-mannered, submissive, or older boxers, preferably females. On leash, if I see another dog I might want to freak out, but if you bring treats and if we walk the other way I will eventually forget about that other dog. Because of my high energy level I will do best in a no-kid household. I live with two kitties now, and they sure do look fun to chase.

I love to eat. I will eat all day if you let me, so don’t give me access to the pantry. Mom says I respond really well to treats, and it has helped me learn things more quickly. She uses a clicker with the treats, too. I have to eat special treats because my doctor says I have an unknown environmental allergy. I get really itchy sometimes! Mom gives me medicine to help me be less itchy. She opens my mouth and just throws it in, and I never complain. As long as I eat grain free food without chicken or beef I should be okay; the source of my allergy is a mystery though! Mom sometimes picks up my food bowl after she gives me the “okay” to eat, and I just stare at her. She always puts it back down though.

I love people, sometimes more than seeing Walter. I do get overly excited sometimes, and I will probably jump on you, but it is just because I am really happy to meet new people. If we have met a few times before I will just sniff you and go about my own business. Sometimes on walks I see people that I don’t know, and I feel like I need to protect Mom so I might bark and growl a little until I think we are a safe distance away. I like going to the Vet because they always give me lots of treats. I am always very calm with the vet technicians and I even let them cut my nails because everyone gives me lots of treats and scratches.

Foster Mom here! Charley is a sweetheart, and once you get to know him you will realize he is pretty mild for a 1.5 year old boxer. He has had obedience/basic training inside the house, but will need some practice outside of the house when there are so many more exciting things to pull his attention away. He willingly enters the crate when he gets enough time outside. He may make a few peeps, but he will calm himself eventually. He needs to be crated when no one is home, but I try to minimize how often that happens. Charley has an environmental allergy, but he happily takes a Claritin daily to manage it. It is almost like he knows it is going to help him be less itchy! Charley has some reactivity training to continue, but he is incredibly food oriented so training should be simple with the right amount of time dedicated to it. He has shown great promise as a hiking partner. He tolerates a backpack and has learned to walk behind me on leash on trail (with the help of trekking poles to keep him from wandering off trail). Charley needs a strong male leader in his life. He has had a great start in his foster home, and with a little more training will turn out to be a fantastic companion.

If you think you are the perfect home for Charley, please go to!adoption-form/c1dw9 and fill out the adoption form.

Adopt Me
Woodinville, WA

(509) 607-4740

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