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English Bulldog

2 years, 9 months
Medium  |  Male

Amherst, OH


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Charlie is 2 1/2 year old male. Born end of January 2014.

His owner: When he was with us, we took him to dog parks, and social dog events and didn't have any issues. He was the only dog in the house with us. He loves to go for car rides. He had gone swimming at the community pool when they had dog swim, with a life jacket and did well.
He goes for walks. But doesn't like real long walks and prefers to poop in his own yard instead of at the park. But if he is walking with another dog he will pee where they pee.

We don't have children so he lived with adults only, but we did have nieces and nephews over and he would visit friends homes with kids, most kids were 8 years old and up and he visited well with them. He had lived with our cat, and liked to chase her to play with her but never tried to hurt her.

He is currently with a dog trainer at her home, but she can't keep him and we can't afford to keep him there. He is playing with other dogs and shares food with a cat. He just doesn't seem to be able to live with another dog.
7/26/15 Charlie had a trial period with a new family with another bully breed and at first all went very well. After Charlie started feeling "at home" he started fights with the other dog, as if to say this is my house now you go away. Charlie is coming back to the trainers and is again looking for a home of his own.
8/8/16 Charlie is in foster, not at the trainers. He's been a good boy, will bark at the door to go out and he crates well. Charlie has a grass allergy but we seem to have it pretty well under control, when he goes out into the back yard for any length of time as soon as he comes in, he gets his face, feet, underbelly and legs wiped down with a wet towel. His itching has virtually stopped without any meds. If he does seem a little itchy or red has an Rx for the itch that can be given.

NOTE: In our speaking with his trainer, she does not recommend Charlie going to a home with children under the age of 14 years old and ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER DOGS!

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Amherst, OH

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