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Saint Bernard

10 years, 2 months
Large  |  Male

Harrisburg, Pa


Hello: We can be contacted by email at . We have a Facebook page ( St. Bernard Rescue Foundation INC - NE & beyond )as well as a web site ( www. First We are mostly a Saint Bernard rescue, but we try to help many dogs in need. So we will have other breeds for adoption. Also, we have connection with may dogs in need, so if you need help finding a dog please, email and would love to help with finding the right fit. Because all dogs are Saints but only one breed is a Saint Bernard! When looking for a forever home we look at the applicants that we already have applications from first so please follow this link for our application: click here
We look at applications as a dog comes in so the dog might be able to find a home without being posted the application is not binding and not long to fill out. We see the application as very important but also talking and matching the right dog with the right person and the right person with the right dog as VERY important.

Charlie's family is retiring to Mexico. Charlie could not withstand the heat…as he wants to go hang in the basement when it is 80+ degrees outside because he is too hot (there are no basement in Mexico). He absolutely loves the snow and loves nothing better to be in the middle of a storm and roll in the snow. Charlie is a ten year old neutered male who loves people…he was bred from two long hair Saints so he has a beautiful thick and long coat. He is only 120 pounds but he looks like a little bear. We live on 10 acres of land with a pond…and Charlie is used to just hanging out with our Coons Hound dog going around on our property as he sees fit. We go for walks everyday and he is happy to join us…we never have to leash him as he is well trained and well behaved…he just follows us wherever we go. He will also go for a walk on a leash…but one might have to slow down their pace!J He would do best in a home where he has room to move around free (a farm for example)…and with people that are retired and love nature. We would consider letting our Coons Hound Copper (rescued from Hurricane Katrina – also a neutered 10+ year old male) go with Charlie not to separate the two of them. Copper is smart as a whip and loves to play. He owes his life to Charlie who one night two years ago saved him from an attack of Coyotes.

FYI: When a dog is listed as good with children we need to remember that these dogs possibly out weigh the child that they live with, and possibly the child will be eye to eye with the dog. Therefore it needs to be remembers that these dogs are still animals and will react to pain or discomfort in anyway. The dogs also have temptations like many of us and have trouble restraining themselves ie.. Children with food in their hands or waking on a leash and al of the sudden have a desire to go another way (could you child control that, well maybe they can't walk the dog for awhile until the dogs habits are known.) Many times we see "accidents" that could have been prevented but the dog gets blamed. So even though in our society we tend to personify a pet due to the bond that is formed with them. We look for people and families that want that bond! We need to remember that these are large dogs and love them that we also protect them from anything happening.
Thank You!

Adopt Me
Harrisburg, Pa

(507) 400-8995

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