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American Staffordshire Terrier

2 years, 8 months
Large  |  Male

Brooklyn, NY


A volunteer writes: Meet Cheech, the charming and cheerfully chunky BFF you never knew you were missing! Having arrived on our doorstep as a ''stray'' twice before (I''m starting to think we should request a name change to Houdini!) he''s hoping that when it comes to being adopted, third time''s the charm. As happy and loving as the day is long, Cheech''s favorite spot is right in the thick of the action and he longs to be where the people are, barking up a storm in his kennel whenever a potential friend walks by to let them know he''s available for a date--any time, anywhere! And he''s a cheap date too, grateful for small kindnesses and thrilled by everything and everyone he sees. Whether greeting other dogs with a happy tail, politely following commands to earn a treat, waiting for a toss of the tennis ball (and catching both mid-air!) or simply leaning heavily into a good body massage, Cheech is 100 percent pure joy and he''s got the ear-to-ear smile to prove it. Unsurprisingly, he''s a strong puller on leash (90 pounds and counting, thank you very much) but more surprisingly given his obvious lack of physical care and apparent ''outdoor coat'' of dirt, he does in fact seem to be house trained! Cheech is full of delightful surprises, a man of mystery whose affectionate charms and good-natured outlook on life are simply irresistible. I can only imagine what sweet secrets lie yet to be discovered when he''s finally safe and loved in a once-and-for-all forever home.

Adopt Me
Brooklyn, NY

(212) 788-4000

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