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2 years, 4 months
Small  |  Female

Woodsfield, OH



***You must go to our site & fill out an application to be considered - we rarely check email, we check applications a few times a week! You must call your vet to release your vetting history to us, or we can not process your application!
Go to: CHELSEA is very sweet, very quiet, very shy. She is easy to handle, will let you do most anything to her, if you are kind and go slow with her. She has spent her life, with her sister in a cage at a breeders. Her & her sister are so small they had to be c-sectioned to have pups, with them being so small, they would only have 1-2 pups & with the cost of a
c-section, it made it not worth the cost of the surgery to keep them in his breeding program, so the breeder brought them in to be euthanized, since they were worthless to him. SO we stepped in, got them all vetted. Now they are ready for a forever home. It would be best to seperate them, since they cling to each other, rather than bond with humans. So for the best outcome, to get them out of their shells, we want to adopt them to seperate homes. We may consider adopting them to the same home, if they could be socialized seperately.
If you have a wonderful home, where they could have love, kindness, understanding, and all the things they have NEVER had. We look forward to seeing your application!! THANKS!

Adopt Me
Woodsfield, OH

(740) 472-9828

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1 year ago

I love shih tzus or dog's so wha like them or a mix. I live alone and need a dog not what a man there more and harder to deal with but a dog is more love and away's there for you, you can call me at 304893903 or 3049170447

Toni Hall

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