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Cher the Dancing Racer


2 years, 5 months

San Antonio, TX



Street Saves/SPCA

High intell, high energy, silly young lady

Hiking, camping, running-- this is your buddy. Loving and funny with no idea how tall and pretty she is. Kind of in the awkward teenage phase, she is a young adult and full of puppy brains and silliness. Cher's ideal family or person is a jogger, OR has a big fenced yard, and would have another large young male dog like a lab !! or a golden retriever or another greyhound or shepherd-- anything that runs and plays, two or four-legged. Cher would be in heaven at a kid's birthday party! . And, if there were squirrels and birds to track and leap after and dance on her long doggie legs and then run like the wind and sleep in a softy bed and give kisses to her people, life would be a fairy tale. Cher is a great one if you need to tire out other dogs or kids or if you are a runner or camper/hiker. She is hilarious, very smart, very inquisitive, and plenty young enough to train. You gotta love silly, dancing, racing young furry girls. She is also very protective of her yard with strangers walking by or other dogs. Cher is truly magnificent despite a bad start in life. We rescued her and her two sisters but Momma and 2 other siblings were already dead from starvation and the heat and terrible fleas and worms. Very healthy and enthusiastic. Kennels are not a good place for our girl Cher.

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San Antonio, TX

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