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Shih Tzu

Small  |  Male

Salt Lake City, UT


Chewy is a darling Shih Tzu looking for a quiet, adult family home, who will be home most of the time to give him love, care and attention.
Chewy is a quiet, sweet, very well behaved and happy little boy, with lots of tail wags.
He loves to follow and be with his foster mom where ever she is around the house, other than that, he is not real active. He likes choosing one of the comfy dog beds to snuggle in most the day.
Chewy is basically house trained, though he may have an accident first thing in the morning from sleeping if he’s not let out right away or then again right after, only if he’s not let out immediately after he’s eaten his breakfast.
He must be given the opportunity to go out often to avoid accidents throughout the day and evening to avoid any accidents. When this is done, he doesn’t have accidents.
A secure, fenced yard is a must for Chewy since he sometimes will explore or wander, and given the opportunity, will wander off if there is an escape route unsecured. He wants his foster mom to go out and be with him when he goes out to the bathroom. When he's finished, he usually will come right back in with her. He should never be left outside in the yard alone since things in the yard can irritate his eyes.
Chewy is fine with the sr. cat and other small dogs at his foster mom's who don't bother him since he is very shy. Chewy gets very excited about his special food he eats for breakfast and dinner, prances around and can hardly wait for his food bowl to be put down. Chewy has special eye drops that must be put in his eyes twice a day to continue to keep both of his eyes healthy for the rest of his life. He knows he will a special treat right after getting the eye drops, therefore he’s good about getting them. The area around his eyes must be carefully wiped with a clean, wet, warm wash cloth to keep the area clear and clean daily.
Since Chewy is a Shih Tzu, a regular 6-8 week grooming schedule is a must, and the hair kept trimmed away from his eyes regularly.
The Vet noticed that Chewy's heart has an extra beat and that his heart beats a little slower, so he should not do any strenuous or high activity.
Chewy is neutered, healthy, happy, chipped and up to date on all of his shots and is ready for his loving, forever, perfect, adult home.

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