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Chickpea ~ Bond Girl!


Small  |  Female

Caldwell, NJ


Chickpea’s Woof-Facts
Female, terrier/sheltie mix, 1-1/2 years old, 18 lbs. Healthy, up-to-date on vaccines, spayed Bonds quickly with her caregivers; loves being right by your side Needs owner who is home often and willing to continue training Adores kitty-cats; could live with a low-key dog
Quick Introduction to Chickpea
Hi, I’m Chickpea – I’m a cute and sweet little bean head (other than the ears – they are quite large, yet still quite adorable). I recently got this incredible chance to start a new life – one that’s full of amazing people and things. I’m now experiencing a world made up of love and cuddles – how incredible it is to feel these things for the first time in my life. We are now ready to take it to the next level and find my person, my other-half. Someone who will relish in the fact that I get an A+ at being a lap dog, and that I enjoy going on walks, exploring the world together. My someone will preferably have a lifestyle that allows them to be at home a good part of the day, so I can become their other-half, their ball of love – and they can embrace me and teach me the ways of my wonderful new world. In return, I will be completely bonded with them, and they’ll have a living Chickpea to call their very own (not just the kind they put into their salads – woof!). Actually, I don’t really “woof” much – I’m a quiet li’l Chickpea.

Chickpea’s Background
You may have heard in the news about the recent animal hoarding situation in Hopatcong, NJ. Well, I’m one of the dogs rescued from there, amongst 40+ others. FernDog took me and some of my furry housemates into their family – a big hooray for us! They also had a DNA test done on one of my most-likely furry brothers, and results revealed that he is a terrier/sheltie mix, so we think I might be just the same (although I do look a bit foxy if I say so myself – wink!).

Chickpea in her Foster Home
Since my rescue, I’ve stayed part of the time at the animal hospital that helps FernDog — where I got to spend my days with a number of different people who cared for me — and I’ve also been in a foster home. Great news is, I’ve quickly bonded to my caregivers – each and every one of them. I’m a bit shy at first, so I start by giving them some sniffs; then they get right down to my level; next thing you know, I’m all over them (in a good way), giving and getting lots of lovin’! I’m coming out of my shell more and more each day. We’ve found that I really don’t like being in a crate, so it’s best for me to be confined to an area of the home – that’s more comforting to me. I’m told I’m a smart girl who loves to learn, and I’m proud to say that I’m making progress at my house breaking, and I’m walking on a leash (I never had one of those either). So, my caregivers take me to places with them. One is a location with lots of grass and trees – it’s called a “park” – have you ever been to one? OMG, it’s breathtaking! We stroll together – it’s so interesting to explore our surroundings – and sometimes we just like to sit and look at all the people. I’m told that’s called “people watching” – it’s so fun! Overall, I really enjoy lying on my caregiver’s lap or right by their side (whichever works best – just love to use my sense of touch), as well as being loved and forming an unbelievable bond with my people.

Living with Chickpea
So I absolutely adore cats — we’d cohabitate purrfectly together and be fast furry friends. I like dogs too, as long as they are low key. We feel that I would do fine in a home with or without a canine companion. If my forever home has another dog, my canine sibling would need to be on the mellow side – I’m not into that kind of play they call “rough-housing.”

As far as my forever person, we’ll need someone who is interested in carrying on with my training. This way, I can continue to learn more things about this great new world each day and understand how I fit into the whole picture.

Medical Needs
While I was staying at the animal hospital, to help keep me calmer while in my crate, I was taking some anti-anxiety medication. It really helped me as I began to assimilate into my new world and assisted in my progress with training. I’ve had absolutely no side effects from the medication – it’s only been a helpful tool. This may simply be a temporary need until I adjust more to my new life and routine. Other than that point, I’m a healthy Chickpea (is there really any other kind – lick-lick)!
Chickpea’s Forever Home
Are you ready to be my other half, my bonded-pair? To bring this li’l ball of love into your home, forever and ever, so I can be your lap dog, your walking buddy, your everything? Idea: You can make a nice salad that’s full of chickpeas, and while you’re eating your dinner, you’ll also have your very own living and breathing Chickpea sitting right next to you — your loyal companion, your Bond Girl. Other times of the day, I’ll simply lie by your side and be your circle of love. Now that I know what love feels like, I never want it to end. Please contact FernDog and let them know your choosing ChickPea as your li’l ball of good health!

Adopt Me
Caldwell, NJ

(888) 850-7069

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