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Miniature Pinscher

1 year, 7 months
Small  |  Female

Princeton, MN



Hi there! Do you have a toy for me to play with?
I’m Chinook, but my foster mama calls me Pip, as in Pipsqueak, Pip for short. Foster mama says I’m just a little gal of a pipsqueak. I tell you what though- I can play with the biggest of the gang right down to the littlest.
If you love toys, then I love you! In case you couldn’t tell, toys are my favorite thing. Especially the kind that squeak squeak squeak squeak when I play with them. I love that squeaker! Foster mama thinks it’s so funny when I’m playing, because I make little noises, just like the toys! I make little grunting sounds, or sometimes a singing sound or even my own little purring noise. I love to talk to my toys. It makes them play even harder.
I live with 4 other dogs and one foster mama right now. We have a great ol’ time together. We run every morning before foster mama goes to work. I really look forward to stretching out the legs a little on our runs. I keep up with the big dogs, no problem! My Chihuahua/rat terrier foster sister and I keep the back of the pack in line- we are the sweeping crew on the run. We love to run side by side, one of us right behind each of foster mama’s feet.
All of us dogs get a long fantastically! When I first met them, it took me about 5 minutes to figure out that everything was going to be alright- but once I realized they were a good bunch, I was ready to fit into the gang. We wrestle, run, play chase, and play toys together with no issue. We even all snuggle on the couch together. I really love snuggling. Foster mama says I am expert level when it comes to cuddling. Remember how I told you I talk to my toys? I kind of talk a little bit when I snuggle too. I’ve had the chance to meet tons of dogs while being at my foster home and I’ve gotten a long with all of them. Lots of people too! Foster mama says if I’m going to be a great dog for someone, I’ve got to get out and about to see the sights- and I agree!
I LOVE to be outside- running, hiking, exploring and adventuring! I really appreciate our fenced in yard- that way I get to play and run outside without having to be on the leash all the time. I can get my zoomies out! I also LOVE to eat!!! Foster mama monitors my intake, as I’d like to intake all the other dogs’ food, if I got the chance! But she’s right on it- I eat in my own space, then come out when everyone else is done. I’m not a beggar for people food- but I do LOVE me some kibble! Foster mama says it’s not hurting me to cut back a little- I guess I was getting a little soft around the edges.
If you love toys, have a good sense of humor, love going for walks or runs, love snuggling and hanging out with a beautiful younger gal- then pick me! Pick me!

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