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American Staffordshire Terrier

1 year, 2 months

Ridgefield, CT


Ready to wake up happy every morning? Ready to enjoy some exercise with a fabulous companion, and then some hugs and kisses? Ready to enjoy it all with someone who thinks (who knows) you are the center of their world, never talks back or argues? Then come meet Chloe as she’s the bounciest, friendliest, tail waggyest pup in town! Up front in her kennel ready for her walk, she’s on her way to being housetrained, going potty the moment we were outside, and is all bouncy puppy as we walk. Her tail wags, she smiles at everyone, and of course everyone smiles back at her. Showing off her ‘sit’, she shakes paw when invited and enjoys her reward treats. Stunning in her brindle coat, Chloe is all about making friends, exploring her world, and bouncing from one thing to another. Chloe is looking for a home experienced in raising puppies to be the best they can be. Like children, puppies need structure, guidance, patience and loads and loads of love. I guarantee you’ll wake up with a smile on your face every day when you’re waking up to Miss Chloe….she won’t let it be otherwise. She wants to be your one and only canine buddy and with Chloe by your side you won’t need another. She’s excitedly waiting to meet you, so do it today!

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Ridgefield, CT

(914) 912-9027

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