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Cinnamon Spice

Shetland Sheepdog Sheltie

6 months

Nashville, TN



Cinnamon Spice loves her bully stick and is a great helper if you need to dig a hole! She has the sweetest, playful, somewhat shy personality.

Red Velvet (female) black with white back paws and white chin.
Cinnamon Spice female) black with light brown highlights two white spots under neck
Peanut Butter Fudge ( male) Black with light brown highlights. White diamond under neck and white stripe
Banana Cream (female) Black with white toes on back one back paw and white nose
Lemon Mereingue-( female). Black with white chest
Chocolate Chip ( male) . Black with 3 white tipped paws. White chin and stripe under neck
Oreo (female) . Black and white. White tip on tail.
Coconut Cream ( female) black and white with 2 black spots on head in white area White tip on tail.
German Chocolate (nickname GC) - (female). Black with brown highlights. White strip under chin that looks like an upside down T.

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Nashville, TN

Top Reviews

1 year ago

Even tho I would like to ve to resue them all I can't but love how they r being taken care , I haven seen one I want but still going to keep looking , thanks for this opportunity.

Teresa hooten

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