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Jack Russell Terrier

10 years
Small  |  Female

Minneapolis, MN


Adoption Fee $300

Meet Clementine!

Sweet Clementine was brought to a shelter after her owner passed away. She misses her home & is hoping to find a new person to love again real soon! She is a bit reserverd, but once she warms up she will cuddle and shower you with kisses.

Clementine is an absolute darling. She’s even-tempered, quiet, & curious. She loves to nap on her favorite blanket & bed, cuddle, be petted, & go for car rides or take a leisurely walk. She loves her blanket so much she tries to follow it when it’s removed for washing. She pushes her blanket around the house to chase the sun patch. When she cuddles, she prefers pressing against her person rather than sitting in a lap. She enjoys being held, giving kisses, & getting scratched, especially right above her tail. She's recently started rolling over for belly rubs. For rides, she loves using her booster seat. She's been a bit spoiled & prefers riding in the passenger seat as opposed to the back seat. Check out the photo of her riding in one. Clementine walks and does beautifully on a leash. She stays right at your side and does not pull. She would love to go for a walk at least twice a day. She enjoys exploring the fenced backyard, checking out new smells, & sunning herself on the deck.

Being an older lady, Clementine has some of the issues that come with it. She has slight vision impairment due to a cataract and hearing loss in the lower ranges. She also has arthritis & an old knee injury that requires daily medication. She doesn't let that slow her down. With the right set up, she'll even demonstrate her super dog jump!

Clementine is housebroken. She goes to the back door in her foster home & barks to indicate she needs to go out. She is crate/kennel trained, but does not require it if left home alone. She does like to nap occasionally in crate/kennel with a blanket in it. She is good with other dogs and older kids. She does not care for children under 10 because they tend to run & startle her.
She is NOT good with cats. In addition to barking at them, she is allergic to them.

Clementine is very food motivated. She loves treats so much she will go into the kitchen where the treats are bark to try to get one. At this point, Clementine only knows a few commands. A whistle combined with a thump means “come.” She knows the standard hand signal for sit (palm out at leg then bend arm up moving palm towards shoulder). She's such a well-behaved little darling her foster mom hasn't had any need for stay, off, give it, or leave it commands.

Clementine doesn't bark much & primarily only barks if she wants something. She barks by the back door to indicate she wants out. She barks next to her water bowl if it’s empty. She tries barking in the kitchen for a treat. She barks in front of her person if she wants to be picked up. She’s also taken to playing referee with her foster dog brothers. They get a little wild sometimes. She will go into the middle and bark until they separate. She has recently started scolding her foster mom for staying up to late. If her foster mom stays up past midnight, Clementine will bark at her until her foster mom gets & bed & turns out the light. Only after her foster mom has done this will she stop barking & curl up for bed.

Clementine does shed. Weekly brushing takes care of most of her shedding. She enjoys being brushed & combed. She likes being scratched, especially right above her tail. She's also recently started rolling over for belly rubs. She will sit still to have her ears cleaned which needs to be done on a weekly basis. Her teeth aren’t currently being brushed. Her foster mom uses a chlorohex additive to the water & Leba III spray. She is fine with those. Her toenails are currently being clipped by a groomer due to the length of the quick in her nails. Her foster mom is handling her feet to prepare Clementine for home nail trims.

Clementine’s ideal family will have someone who will walk her at least twice a day & would cuddle & pet her. It also needs to have her favorite blanket and bed (provided), a booster seat (also provided) and a crate/kennel with a blanket for her to hang out in. There would also need to be NO CATS due to her allergies.
She can't wait to meet her forever person or family very soon!
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