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Libertyville, IL


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Twenty-two-pound, Collin, is a dachshund and pug mix...our best guess. He has the length of the dachshund both in body and snout but the stoutness and curly tail of a pug.
Collin takes just a few minutes to warm up to most people and likes to kiss people in the face...a lot! As he has settled into his foster home and bonded with his foster parents he is expressing that he doesn't like to be alone and much prefers to be as close as possible physically and emotionally to his people.
While he doesn't have severe separation anxiety he does scratch at a door if he knows you are in the house but on the other side of a door he can't get past. He sleeps with his foster mom in bed as close as he can get.
He co-exisits with other dogs and cats. While he doesn't play with them or seem particularly engaged with them and certainly prefers his humans we think having companions at home with him when his foster parents leave helps with any anxiousness he experiences.
He is housebroken. He LOVES long walks and gets so excited when he sees a leash!
The best home for Collin would be folks that aren't gone all day and/or if they are for him to have a laid back doggy companion to hang with while his parents are gone.
Collin likes sleeping in laundry baskets (sorry, he hasn't folded any clothes) and does bark some when he sees people outside the window.
He is a really good little guy who would do fine living in a condo or townhouse or a single family home...because he LOVES going for walks!
He lives with an eight-year-old child now and seems fine with kids, although he gravitates towards adults...particularly his main caretakers.Visit to learn more about Collin.

All our animals available for adoption are living in foster homes. This gives us the ability to really get to know the animals we have available and find them families that are a good fit for them based on their personalities. We do not have a shelter to visit the animals.
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