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Redbone Coonhound

Medium  |  Male

Cottageville, WV


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Como is a redbone coonhound about four years old and 40 pounds. He has been shy, but a rescuer came to visit the shelter recently and Como came bouncing right up to the kennel door to greet her. Here is what she had to say about him: Como is quiet; I don't think he barked once while I was handling him. I took him out for an extended visit, walked him around past other dogs/no reaction even to the crazy fence barker outside. He would walk up and sniff like he was curious but I didn't notice his body tensing. Mostly he wanted to just be outside and do his houndy sniffing thing, so I'm guessing he was dumped because he wouldn't hunt. The shelter cat came to the fence outside and he looked mildly curious. Shelter cat was called in and felt confident enough to come over the fence and go to the front door. I showed her to Como from about 10 feet away and again he looked at her but did not react. He was non-reactive to a stationary and walking free-roaming cat outside while on leash with me, but I did not test him in a free-roaming cat room indoors. He does flail a little on the leash like he's not leash trained but is easily redirected and would probably get over that in a week or so of regular leash walking. He peed like a race horse when we got outside, so it appears he's trying his best to keep his kennel clean. I think he's great. Photos do not show how red he is. Rescues, I would post him as a very high mix of Redbone Coonhound. He's just stunning. When they brought Gideon in for me to pick up, I walked Como over to him, both on leash outside and Gideon was with his months-long foster mom. I couldn't let Gideon play as he's still recovering from ACL surgery, but it appeared both wanted to give playing a try and I just had to redirect at that point. Neutered on 10/6/2016.

Jackson County Animal Shelter
86 County Farm Rd, Cottageville, WV 25239
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Shelter Hours: Mon/Wed/Fri 9am-4pm ---- Tue/Thu 11am-6pm ---- Sat/Sun Closed
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Phone (for local calls only): 304-372-6064
Rescues and long-distance adopters: We are rescue friendly and PA-licensed! Saturday transport is available to northeastern states on a regular basis thanks to the assistance of our local rescue partner, Animal Rights Fur-Ever.

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Cottageville, WV

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