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Conner-adoption pending

Wheaten Terrier

7 years, 3 months

Landenberg, PA


Conner is in a South Carolina shelter being treated for heartworm. He will be traveling to our shelter after he has recovered. We expect that will be sometime in mid-October.
Notes from the shelter: So much curb appeal! There's just no way that you can "cruise" on by this guy and not stop on in to say, "Hi!" Conner has it all! With his snazzy black and white curly jacket and long, dribbling tongue, you just know you're going to want to go up and hug this sweet faced fellow. Conner in turn will reciprocate with a wagging tail and smile. Polite and friendly, Conner did an excellent job during photo session time as he met a bouncy teen pup and then an adult, mid-sized hound who was simply interested in chilling with him. A great choice for a family with kids, Conner loves getting belly rubs, is an easy leash walker and nicely "sits" when asked. He is a joy to hang out with and earned high marks in the "Best Companion Pet" category.
We cat tested Conner this morning. He barked at the cats in cat habitat and some cats running loose. His handler could easily re-direct him. He did not show aggression just curiosity. He should be monitored with cats in the home until his new family is certain about how he will act with their cats

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