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Cool Hand Lucas


3 years, 1 month

Tampa, FL


Contact: Jamie C

Age: 2 yrs 6 mos Wt: 55 lbs
Update 5/18/2016:
Today was a very different day and rainy day. Lucas rose to the occasion. Instead of morning walk, I worked him in the back yard off leash between some play, heavy structure and working on "down" and "stays".
Tonight, I entered with a new training dog, and Lucas immediately befriended and is helping train. After initial greeting, which went great (they are next to each other in kennels), and "business" breaks, Lucas actually offered to go into his kennel and just lie down to be with Salvatore (PoPo). So cool!
So, Lucas originally a dominant, pushy guy is now helping train other dogs. How cool is that?
And for not having as much overall exercise as usual, he is calm and doing wonderful.

One last thought: Each day, Lucas rocks and becomes more and more balanced. Each day I see more and more of the amazing dog he is. A truly love to boot.
Update 5/10/2016:
Hi, there I'm Lucas!

I've had a little bit of a rough start and it seems as if people didn't quite understand my needs or personality. Because of this, I was just able to spend a few weeks with a great teacher, I received lots of training on how to be a good boy and how to ask nicely for things I want.

I have a strong mind and I'm a very smart boy. I need both physical and mental exercise daily. I do great in a pack, as long as I don't need to be the leader, but I don't mind being an only dog either. I need both a strong pack leader in my skin & fur family members. I have a little bit of a sensitive shoulder (nothing major), so at times I will need to rest in my kennel. Also, I can not use any sort of harass or pulling leash, it turns my shoulder too bad and it makes me a little grumpy.

I do well around kids too, but I prefer a little bit of older kids. Sorry, no toddlers for me. They are too exciting and have too much energy for me!

My new family must be committed to continuing my training, I would hate to see all the hard work I've put in these last few weeks go to waste! I've really come a long way and would love a family that is ready to be my forever family.

If you're looking for a stunning gentleman, that's smart and fun, I am your guy!
Cool Hand Lucas has been living and working with a behaviorist. Here's what Karen has to say.

Lucas is doing great. He still struggles with impulse a bit, but is sure improved and learning each day. This will be something on which the adopter will continue working, and no different than when I send home a dog from any BNT…the real work starts in home.

For an adopter: were looking for an experienced handler. While Lucas can handle other dogs in the house of our behaviorist, I would insist that all dogs are kennel trained and meetings will be much like I post(ed) when I integrate. Otherwise, he’ll do great as an only dog or with other dogs. BTW – he did great with intro to Scout, who’s energy is so awesome, even after no training and basically just “hanging” with 4 other dogs for past 5-6 months and really not rules, boundaries, structure etc. Scout will be a huge help (actually) to help train more calm for Lucas. And their kennels are next to each other to help foster this relationship.

It's important to note that after neck and back xrays that CHL has some problems with his neck and back which could explained some of his unwanted behavior.

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Tampa, FL

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