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Bichon Frise

11 years, 5 months
Small  |  Female

Placentia, CA


Rabies 6/22/2016 DUE 6/22/17 Bordetella 6/13/2016 DHPP 6/13/2016

Hello Everyone, My name is Coqueta. My brother Coco and I have been together all of our 11 years. We are both housebroken and, as a pair, we are less work than one pup. We keep each other entertained and help prevent separation anxiety issues when transitioning to new environments. We rely on each other for social cues and build up each other's confidence in new situations. I, Coqueta, am a good walker on leash for about 1 to 2 miles. I love to stop and sniff everything. Occasionally things that move fast like skateboards and bicycles startle me and I bark, but my foster mom reassures me and I continue on our journey. I like to play with squeak toys and enjoy being brushed and belly rubbed. During the day I like to sleep on the couch and at night I like my own bed on the floor in your bedroom.
My brother Coco likes to go for a short strolls and smell everything. He goes for about a block or two and then wants to be carried or a ride in the stroller. He doesn’t have as much energy as me because he is not well. About a month ago, Coco had to have a delicate surgery to remove a tumor from his bladder. He has healed up nicely and is enjoying being with me in our foster home. But there's some bad news. Coco’s tumor was malignant and our doctor said he may only have a few short months left. He is not in any pain and our aunties promised to keep him comfortable till the end.
What we want more than anything is a forever home right away so that I will feel safe and secure before my brother goes to the rainbow bridge. Our aunties are working on an arrangement to help with Coco's expenses and would love to talk to you. Would you find it in your heart to take me and my brother in and care for me forever? We would love that.
With love and puppy kisses,
Coqueta and Coco

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Placentia, CA

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