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Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Large  |  Female

Huntsville, AL


Bullie / Lab / Other?? Black and White ball of love! Cora is a playful, friendly, loving girl who loves to run and play. She is very smart and comes when called. Stays when told to do so (ie: when her foster mom is feeding the horses she tells Cora to stay back from the fence and she does so until she is told it’s okay to come closer). She is curious about the barn cats but just sniffs them and walks away when she gets close enough.

She is believed to be around 2-3 years old. Although she was skin and bones after having her puppies she is now a perfect weigh and super healthy.

Dog / Cat Friendly: She loves other dogs and all people but she is curious about the cats. She would easily learn to leave cats alone, however. She may be cautious when meeting other large females but she has no hesitation with males or smaller females. She does like to jump up for pets an attention but is learning not to do that. She just wants to be close to her people and get lots of attention.
Kid Friendly: She has not been around children but she is so super friendly I am sure she would be fine with children. She may be too strong or playful for very small children, however. She should be supervised with children at first so the children can get used to her and her to them. She likes to jump up to give kisses.
Energy Level: Typical younger dog but not at all hyper. Loves to run and play but will quiet down rather quickly after playing and/or eating. As mentioned before, she is learning to not jump up for attention and she already knows the sit command. She LOVES food but is not food aggressive - she's just a little piggy and loves her meals and treats. Probably because she was so malnourished before coming into rescue.
She still needs work on house training but will learn quickly since she’s proven to be a smart girl an learns her commands quickly.
Cora needs a home that is willing to work with her on potty training and other training and give her lots of love and attention.

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Huntsville, AL

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