6 years, 4 months
Medium  |  Male

West Palm Beach, FL


They say `The Way To A Man''s Heart Is Through His Stomach`. Well guess what? That''s true for dogs too! So, if I''m supposed to be Man''s Best Friend, then I gotta say, I love my food too. Is there such a thing as a Doggie `Foodie`? Then I may be it! Also, I have to admit, I''m a bit of a Ladies Man as well. So I guess if you cooked me dinner, then you''re a winner! However I will tell you, part of the appeal of my charm is that I''m a bit of a shy guy. So give me some time and let''s get to know each other. And remember looks can be a bit deceiving because even though my cool coat may look a bit like a `Tiger`, I may be more of a `Sheep`. Or that''s just me, Corey, the Charmer.

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West Palm Beach, FL

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1 year ago

i would like to know more about locating a pet.

Florence Grant

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