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9 years, 9 months
Medium  |  Male

Rockaway, NJ


From Cori's foster mom: You can probably see why we have nicknamed him "Elvis" based on one of the pictures that shows his lip stick, constantly. Lol. This boy is the easiest of fosters I have ever had. Typically I take in the scared, nervous ones which he was when at the kennel. But at home, whew, this boy still has pep in his step and charisma to win over the crowd. (See what I did there).
Cori is a senior, so he is on the slower side, but knows what he wants and doesn't like. He is a chub-a-lub, so I feed him separately in a crate, and let my other guys finish before he comes out. This guy probably used to rule the school because he walks around like he owns the joint. However he, Emma, and Cody have begun to hang out much more. Emma is the typical younger sister, stealing his bed and pushing him around as she runs by but he handles it like a champ. If he's going to bed or gets scolded, he bites his bed or pillow and then passes out. At least he takes his frustrations out in a controlled manner!! :)
Cori loves to be picked up and put on the couch, overseeing all the play below him, making some occasional "don't forget I'm here noise," kind of like what I picture a grandpa saying in the rocking chair as all the kids play and make a mess in front of him, LOL.
This boy quickly caught on and now follows me everywhere. I made a bed for him next to mine so he could be with us but not hurt himself if he tried to jump off and needed water or something and he goes right to it when it's bedtime. He is great in a crate, as long as the other guys don't tease/mock him while in it. He goes outside, doesn't even need a leash, does his business and heads right back to the door. So smart, calm, cool and collected -- UH-huh. (Elvis voice inserted there). He's house trained but because of his age I'd like to see someone take him who isn't gone long hours to avoid any accidents.
If you are looking for an easy-peazy companion to hang with you and stretch your legs with every so often then this is your man. I have four dogs myself, and he pretty much could care less. Cori is just happy to have a comfortable place to rest his head with some occasionally ear scratches.
If you'd like to meet Cori, please fill out an application & be sure to mention his name - CORI SCAS!

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Rockaway, NJ

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