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Small  |  Female

Simi Valley, CA


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Coyote is very aptly named simply by her beautiful and different kind of markings. Weighing about 12 pounds though, it is more like looking at a coyote who went through the laundry and then got 'shrunk' in the dryer! This stunning girl is both potty and doggie-door trained. She is well mannered with other dogs (medium to smaller than herself) and listens well to us humans. She has a middle-of-the-road temperament with an average amount of energy. Coyote enjoys dogs and their company as much as she enjoys humans and their attention. She's more interested in seeing what is going on than playing with dog toys, so she will readily follow you around the house in order that she does not miss anything. But she's not an 'up in your face, only pay attention to me' kind of gal. She is smart and balanced enough to become a therapy dog, so that speaks volumes about how special she is.
Coyote does not immediately make friends with strangers at the door. She's more apt to bark when the door bell rings and then observe a stranger until she gets the signal from the owner it is OK for this new person to enter the house. She'd make a decent sorta/kinda watch dog for someone who lives alone, looking for companionship and yet desires that small, additional security factor.
She is not a barker nor a whiner. If you are sitting down and she wants to come up into your lap, she will sit on the floor in front of you and look and look, waiting for an invitation. And if she happens to catch your attention, she will push back those ears and give you her most sad expression (see photo) that is doubly endearing. You have to reach down and pick her up or pat the couch aside of you so she knows it is OK to jump up. But she will doe-eye you and plead with those eyes for permission to come up or jump up first and if you do not respond, she'll find her bed and wait for another opportunity.
Coyote learns new commands well - on a scale of 1 to 10 in intelligence, she's about a 7.5. Once she learns a new command, she does not forget it nor does she need tons of repeating to retain it. This is a nice dog, loving and kind. She would make a good family dog, companion for an active senior citizen or could even work out to be a therapy dog, if someone had the inclination to put the time and training in for that.
Coyote is a "Wallflower" when assessed using the ASPCA "Meet Your Match" program. View the video here:
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Simi Valley, CA

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Top Reviews

1 year ago

Tiny Loving Canines Inc in Simi Valley, CA sold me a puppy with parvo. Did not inform me about this but was so eager and happy to take my $500 (the employee even said I know $500 is over the top but your paying to keep our company in business.) Shortly after having my new loved puppy I noticed extreme behavior/appearance changes. Took her to the vet and was informed the puppy has parvo. I call TLC and before mentioning anything about parvo Aubri Lancaster who is an Assistant Manager tells me they will be refunding my $500 and the director Linda Nelson will be calling me. Linda Nelson calls shortly after and tells me my new puppy was with 4 other puppies and one had parvo. Which now means if my new puppy has it they all have it. I inform Linda Nelson my puppy has been hospitalized and now I'm occurring extreme pet bills. Linda then turned extremely rude. I tell her I would put this horrible experience on social media so no one else has to go through this. Linda says I'm a bully and wanted to hear nothing anymore and instead calls me a b**** and tells me to euthanize my new puppy and hangs the phone up. I call TLC back and Aubri answers and is very brief with me. She refunds my $500 and hangs up. TLC did not call and inform me about this I had to call and find out on my own. Which explains why as soon as I call the first thing they mention is I will have a full $500 refund and Linda will be in touch. Being told to just euthanize my dog was unbelievable yet alone being called a b****. I highly recommend do not buy from this place. Linda is completely unprofessional. They have negative reviews all over online please read about the company before going. Aftermath of leaving a negative but true complaint online: When TLC receives negative reviews they call "complaints" employer to notify them that their employee has "talked negative" about their company online. They want to take money from the public on but deletes the "negative" but true complaints from it then disables the ability to leave comments. They contact their lawyer and have their lawyer contact the customer about their negative review. They try to get negative but true complaints taken offline. My dog did not make it after being hospialized and passed away from parvo.


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