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CREAM - 2 yrs - gorgeous, gentle dog

Carolina Dog

Medium  |  Female

Whitby, ON


Please fill out an application form. DON'T fill out the email or other choices here. has the application link on the front page. If we do not receive an application your email will be deleted. Our time is spent caring for these dogs, sometimes as many as 30 - 40 dogs at a time, and you show us serious intent to adopt when you take the time to fill out the application. Thank you for your understanding.
If there is a date next to the dog's name that is the expected arrival date. EVERYTHING we know about these dogs is on their bio. Please don't email asking for more info - we don't have any.
Please bookmark the site so YOU can check on the dog's status, updates if any etc. That's where we put everything we know about them.
We do not adopt to homes with no fenced area for the dog. They are a flight risk in the early weeks and we have the same goal - a safe, happy, healthy dog.

Aug 16/16 - no idea why she is still here! I really have to stop referring to puppies as 'Satan's lol. She is a Carolina and we have had a few in here and they are OUTSTANDING!! Smart smart smart - smarter than a lot of ppl - they are great with kids of all ages, other dogs and cats are no issue,
They are fairly high energy esp as puppies and need at least a solid hour and another solid 45 mins plus walks. Playing with kids in the yard counts some but nothing keeps a young dog from turning into 6 toddlers than exercise. Cant do it but want this dog? There are day cares and dog walkers all over toronto and the GTA. Pay them to do it lol
july 20/16 This girl is GREAT!!! she is a gem. She makes me laff all the time with her puppy curiosity, playfulness and great nature.
She would do great with kids or cats, would love another dog to play with but ppl and parks will do too. She would be great for a runner and is small and compact - 35-40lb - to toss in the car for adventures
June 26/16 This one has striking blue eyes against yellow fur. She is low side of high energy, would be perfect for runners or joggers. Would be great with kids, no issue for cats. She is compact at 40lbs for fun road trips too

ALL our dogs are HW tested neg (HW TREATED dogs are marked as such), have full vetting paperwork and obviously get along with other dogs since there are about 40 of them here on any given day.
We do a microchip clinic the first Sunday of each month for $40 to raise money to pay the bills for the rescues but will chip on day of adoption.
The Adoption Donation you give includes spay/neuter (except puppies under 6 mos), all shots, Heartworm test, deworming/parasite by us at least once and is $500.
NOTE: Puppies too young to fix are adopted out ON A 'FOSTER TO ADOPT' BASIS ONLY UNTIL S/N COMPLETED and proof is required to have the contract changed to ownership. You are responsible for spaying or neutering at the 6 mo point.
Please, if you want to adopt a dog - we require you take up to 24 hrs 'think about it' time and when an aggreement is reached you take the dog home as within 24 hrs. We can not 'hold' adopted dogs "til the weekend" or you "are back from holidays" UNLESS you wish to make a $40/night donation to cover their stay as there are many, many other dogs dying in shelters who need that space.
For coonhounds and beagles only :
If the dog you just looked at is a Coonhound or Beagle here's a little more info - A lot of people think Coonhounds and Beagles are stupid but they're not! They are just joyous dingbats for sure but very trainable. They are funny, happy clowns. They also do NOT spend all their time howling or baying. They are extremley quiet dogs but when they let one rip everyone knows it ;-)) and the sound is beautiful! So much nicer than a high pitched yap any day.
If you need proof watch this

Adopt Me
Whitby, ON

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4 months ago

Rude owner of the company. She is vile and is completely unprofessional in her communication. If it wasn't for the animals, I would say to never give her money.


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