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Daisy May

Treeing Walker Coonhound

2 years, 6 months
Medium  |  Female

Nashville, TN



Daisy May is a super smart girl!! She is affectionate, loves being on your lap and cuddling.

She LOVES being around her person! Are you a runner? Want a jogging partner? THIS is YOUR girl!! She is HIGH energy and MUST have a fenced in yard. She is still young so it is best if she is kenneled when not home. Older children are best as she does get excited when playing.

Daisy May does not always get along with all other dogs - especially those that are bigger than her

She is a great dog that just needs room to run and a dog savvy owner!!

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Nashville, TN

Top Reviews

1 year ago

Even tho I would like to ve to resue them all I can't but love how they r being taken care , I haven seen one I want but still going to keep looking , thanks for this opportunity.

Teresa hooten

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