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7 years, 3 months
Medium  |  Female

Mesa, AZ


Daring Daja has a flair for the dramatic, sporting her pink posy as prettily as her open-mouthed grin. This sweet Pointer mix is every dog owner’s idea of a dream dog. In fact, Daja dearest even has a long list of “loves.” She loves brisk walks (she walks well on leash), car rides, swimming and fluffy toys. She loves showing off the commands she knows and performing the tricks she’s learned, and would love to learn more. Top this off with being affectionate and kind, respectful and loyal, bright and well behaved, and you get the picture. Now loving Daja would love nothing more than sharing the rest of her life in a loving and active forever home. Accent on the “love-ing”, please!
Daja's adoption fee includes a 2 week foster to adopt period, one hour in home training session, microchip, vaccines, healthy vet check. and 30 days of free pet insurance! Daja has completed over 3 months of training and is ready to please! Fill out an adoption application at

Adopt Me
Mesa, AZ

(602) 791-5917

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