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3 years, 7 months
Medium  |  Male

White Hall, AR


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Danny is a super friendly love bug! He wants to be close to his people, getting pets and belly rubs as much as he can. Danny is friendly with strangers, other dogs and cats! He loves the neighborhood kids (closer to his size = more pets). He's fully crate trained (will sometimes nap in his crate if the door is left open) and he’s house trained. Danny has zero food aggression or interest in interrupting other dogs while they eat. He generally ignores the two cats he lives with, but he loves his 90 lb. Rottie sister, and he plays very well with her. Whether tugging over toys and tricking each other off the BIG bed, or running around tackling each other in the back yard, he doesn’t let the size difference bother him at all. When Danny is in the yard he will quickly evaluate the pesky 4' fence to figure out how to climb up and over to freedom so he will need supervision in the yard until he knows that he is in his forever home.

He’s still working on his leash manners when he first gets outside, but he’s pretty good after that. If he pulls at all, a gentle correction immediately fixes it. He didn’t show any interest in the deer we saw on our walk (seemingly zero prey drive), but he does get excited if he thinks he gets to play with the neighbors dogs when we’re out walking. If he’s inside without his canine sister, he’s pretty quiet and laid back, content to nap on his bed, grab a toy, or lounge on the couch with you.

And Danny is just HAPPY. His tail moves like a windshield wiper when he greets people, he’s polite, and his attitude just seems to always be good – in the crate, at the vet, meeting new people – he’s up for anything, especially if he can give hugs and a kiss on the chin to his humans. He loves to ride in the car for adventures to go meet and play with new people and new dogs or walk new trails.

Danny also loves good, durable chew toys, and is very gentle when taking treats – cheese, jerky, bacon, anything.
Danny truly is a good boy, and would be fine as an only child, with kids and dogs to play with, with cats to ignore, or as a companion to a single person who likes to explore trails.

Step 1: Please complete the adoption application in full; incomplete applications WILL NOT BE PROCESSED
Step 2: Our Lead Adoption Coordinator will contact you and confirm your application has been received (please use our Contact Us form if you have not gotten a response within 7 days).
Step 3: After you have received confirmation from our Lead Adoption Coordinator, your application will then be forwarded to communicate with one of our Adoption Coordinators. The Adoption Coordinator is your point of contact during the adoption process,
Step 4: Once the Adoption Coordinator has finished processing your application, a volunteer will be selected to contact you to schedule a home visit. Home visits allow us to see where the dog will live, discuss any questions you have and review our adoption contract.
Step 5: Once the application process is completed, the adoption package goes to the board of directors for a 24 hour review.
SSRR is very serious about the homes our dogs are placed in and want to ensure they never end up homeless again. If you have any questions, please email us at . Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued Rottweiler!

If you are interested in adopting this Rottweiler, please fill out an Adoption Application today.

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White Hall, AR

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