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Daria Solis *LOCAL*

Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler

2 years, 8 months
Medium  |  Female

Wakefield, RI



Age: 2 Years Weight: 47 lbs (should lose 5-10lbs)
Location: RI This dog has been spayed/neutered, is up to date on shots, on heartworm preventative and is microchipped.
Talk about a PERFECT package! This is Daria, the PERFECT package that you have been searching for! She is approximately 2 years old - a PERFECT age - she's old enough to be over the puppy phase but young enough to still be playful and fun! Daria appears to be a Heeler mix and fully grown with a few extra pounds to spare at 47 pounds - the PERFECT size - not too small to be underfoot but not too big to cuddle! She gets along with other dogs and is great with kids and kids love Daria! There was a little boy that fell in love with her when his school volunteered at the shelter. He can not have any dogs where he lives so he has been sending her letters, treats and toys ever since. Daria is great in the car and is obedient. She is house trained, crate trained and leash trained - you can't get anything more PERFECT than that! Daria would love to have a fenced-in yard and she would love to go to obedience training to learn commands and tricks. She is very smart, calm, and easy going.

She may be PERFECT but her life so far has been far from it. Daria was a stray that stayed around a neighborhood searching aimlessly for someone to help her. A family in the neighborhood decided she needed a home, so they took her to a shelter and when she was tested she came up positive for heartworms. With the help of HeartHelp we are getting Daria the treatment she needs for a long, happy life! All Daria needs now is your love to make her life as PERFECT as she is!

Medical Note: Daria has been treated for heartworm disease with melarsomine injections. Once treatment is completed and the dog tests negative for microfilaria, Daria has been cleared to resume normal activity and is ready to be adopted! Untreated heartworm disease can cause lasting damage to the heart, lungs and arteries, and can affect the dog’s health and quality of life even after the parasites are gone, possibly presenting as medical complications and/or new conditions in the future. Daria showed no symptoms of heartworm disease before or during treatment. A good resource for more information on heartworm disease is: . Please check with your vet if you should have any questions or concerns about this condition, and discuss any concerns you may have with your SOS Adoption Counselor.

SPONSORSHIP: Daria's heartworm treatment expenses have been generously sponsored by Heart Help. Proper treatment for heartworm disease can take hundreds of dollars and several months - two precious resources that can be very hard to find for homeless dogs. To follow this dog's treatment story, and those of other Heart Help dogs, visit . Please consider supporting this dog's heartworm treatment by donating today via to . Adoption Fee: $370
To apply for this dog, fill out an adoption application on our website:
**Additional info you should know - For most of our dogs, we are only guessing at predominant breed or breed mix. We get to know each of our dogs as an individual and do our best to describe and place them based on personality not breed label. Some dogs may not yet be in New England, nor ready for immediate adoption. There may be additional vetting, quarantine, waiting periods and/or fees depending upon your state of residence. If you have questions or concerns on any of this, you can discuss this with your Adoption Counselor.

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Wakefield, RI

(401) 206-0727

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