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Fort Lauderdale, FL


Darla is a chicken dog and a scaredy cat all rolled into a greyhound. She is very, very shy and very scared of new people and places - and noises and everything else. Not surprisingly, Darla never had a professional race.
This beautiful, shiny black princess has tested cat tolerant and was more afraid of the cat than the cat was of her. She is generally comfortable with other greyhounds in the home, too. But she will not be a good dog for leash walks - at least not unless she grows out of her fears which may or may not happen.
She was in a home for a while and was making great headway until July 4th came around. The neighborhood was tightly packed townhouses and the neighbors went fireworks crazy. Darla was traumatized and is further back and more afraid than when she arrived there. They had to give her back to us for her own sake. She couldn't even bring herself to go out in their small, safe, backyard any longer.
She absolutely will need a home with a fenced yard where she can go potty and run once in a while. But to her credit, when she is afraid, she cowers down or freezes. She does not snap or attempt to defend herself. Sometimes in her panic, she will run away from you, hence the request for a "small" yard. Sometimes she just gives up but you can't count on that. She needs someone to love her and care for her and build up her confidence again. She just turned 2 years old in Feb. 25.
Darla will be a challenge for a new owner. She wants so much to be loved but it's not her nature to trust anyone right away. She was doing so much better in her foster home but July 4th set her way, way back. We have tried a number of things to help her. Some worked for a little while but none were a real "cure". She needs a loving, relatively quiet home with at least one other greyhound and a parent with lots of patience. She is a good girl and i think there's an incredibly loving dog inside that scared, shiny black coat.
I have placed other dogs over the years that were scaredy cats. Many of them have turned into wonderful, confident dogs. Darla is the worst we have and we would dearly love to find an experienced, loving, greyhound-saavy family for her.
If you would like to meet Darla, please email us at or call the office at 954-578-0072. If we're not there, the tape will give you our cell numbers. Call our cells!
Our adoption information (application and Manual of Care) are on the website: Greyhounds are wonderful, gentle, clean dogs that need good homes.
Come make a fast friend today. You'll be glad you did.

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Fort Lauderdale, FL

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