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Pit Bull Terrier

5 years, 2 months
Large  |  Male

San Diego, CA


Hi - my name is David
When I'm with my human family I crawl into their laps and fall asleep. I LOVE to cuddle and be as close to you as possible.
My favorite game with my canine friends is chase. When my dog sister and I are playing we will wrestle and chase each other. But I much rather just sit around with my human family.
I get too excited when I meet other dogs that I forget my manners and sometimes that gets me into trouble, so I avoid off leash areas.
I live with 16 month old twins and have been around them since they came home from the hospital. I let them lay all over me and kiss me. When I get bored of them I just walk away.
I like to chase cats and other animals that come into my yard. I have not met birds or reptiles
In case youre wondering, I do ask to go out when I gotta go., I do very well in a crate., And there is nothing better than a dog door to go in and out.
I have taken SEVERAL Canine Good Citizen classes and the only thing that keeps me from passing is how excited I get when I see the other dog. I know my basic commands: sit, stay, release, down, shake, touch and come. I am also currently working on scent detection work and I am pretty dang good at it.
My foster family knows me pretty well and they think I am so laid back that I could fit well into any family I will just need some extra time to get to know any of your pets. I am great with visitors, loud noises, and kids.
Geez - I almost forgot to tell you that I have funky back legs. The look a little silly and cause me to waddle a little when I walk, but as long as you help me keep a healthy weight I am totally fine. My current family takes me one 10 min walk a day and that is just enough exercise for me. If we go on longer walks I may get sore - but its nothing a half a pill of pain meds won't fix.
Approximate Birth Date: 09/30/11
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San Diego, CA

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