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Small  |  Male

Dallas, TX


It's a bird, it's a plane... no, it's

Saving the World, One Paw at a Time!

By day a mild-mannered sweater wearing Chihuahua, by night a Superhero that doles out kisses and snuggles throughout the Dallas metroplex.

Whoops... Helloooo!
You didn't hear any of that, did you? (As I shiver in anticipation waiting for your answer) If you did, you got to paw promise me that you will never reveal my secret identity to anyone.
Hold up one paw and swear it.
Okay, now that I know your a friend and not a foe, and that I can trust you, we can be friends.

Do want to hear my story of how I became a superhero? I can be bribe with a treat (or two).

Great. Move over and I'll curl up in your lap, so no one can hear what I'm about tell you. You see, under this stealth exterior beats the hearts of a fierce true lover. I'm an eight-year old chihuahua mix now, but when I was just a couple years old—did you know, small dog can live up to 19 years old— something odd happened... I got super powers. I had lightning speed and the roar of thunder!

I heard the cry goes up both far and near, I leapt into action with a yelled "There's no need to fear! SuperDax is here!" Right before I saved the DALLAS COWBOY CHEERLEADERS from a Washington Redskins attack, however I learned that my jaw didn't have superpowers, so I lost a few teeth that day, and have to eat out of special bowl with soften food, but it was well worth it. The girls thanked me with lots of belly rubs... Which I LOVED!

For years I helped where I could then one day this superhero needed rescuing and Paws in the City came to my rescue. I realized it's time to hang up my cape and let somebody else be the hero while I kick back and be a dog again. One problem, I lost my home while saving the city, so I am in need of a FOSTER or FOREVER home and companion that I can fully dedicate my life to with long, quiet walks, free of other dogs and people —I told you I'm a lover these days— so I give and receive lots cuddling. I'm currently working on my house-training and commands - so far I know Sit, Stay, and Off. Here at my current residence, I still like to sit on top of the other dogs, like I did when stopped the bad guys. They think it's kind of adorable,so I indulge them.

You're probably aware now that I'm no ordinary dog. The more you read, the more you wanted to meet me and got excited about a future together. So just do it. Click the application button or call. I'm ready to start our forever love story.

Love, Dax
For adoption information or information on fostering this sweet boy, or to complete an application, please go to:
References and a home visit are required for all adoptions.

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Dallas, TX

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