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Miami, FL


Adult, Medium

Daysee is a lovely beagle (chestnut and white), and is currently living in foster care. Her foster family say she's easy to live with and great company. The vet has put her on a slimming regimen and shes doing great - got another 4 lbs. to go. She has medium to low energy level and does not require long walks. She is perfectly potty trained, and only howls around exciting food. She hardly sheds and she still loves to track a scent. She is very engaging and entertaining with her antics. She does a perfect downward dog pose (many times a day!), and loves belly rubs, and having her back scratched - shamelessly! She gets along with other dogs and has great respect for cats, and lives with 3 in her current foster home.
She was used to breed puppies then dumped at Miami Dade Animal Services when she could no longer produce. She is approximately 8-9 years old and has the sweetest, long ears, gorgeous coat, and very soft gaze. Look into those hazel eyes, and you will see a beautiful dog looking for a special connection.

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