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Rat Terrier

Small  |  Female

Huntsville, AL


DeeDee is a a very special girl. She is wonderful and needs an adopter who is very patient and understanding. She is gorgeous, calm, quiet, house trained, crate trained, rides great in the car, loves, loves other dogs, ignores cats, and is just an all around amazing girl. The catch is that DeeDee was not socialized with humans early in her life her life. It has taken some time for her to overcome her apprehension of people but now comes to her foster mom for petting and loving. DeeDee loves to go on walks and gets pretty excited when she sees the leash in my hand. She knows the commands wait, stay and sit. She is more of a timid and shy baby initially until she trusts you. She presently lives with my 3 other fosters who are pretty laid back and older. So she has been forced to be in a calm environment. She would love a playmate as when I have fostered younger dogs they would play and wrestle together continually. But alas my older dogs don't want to play. DeeDee is never underfoot but wants to be around her people. She often will stay on her bed,crate or sofa instead of being a true lap dog but she has moments when she does crave to be in your lap. She is crate trained and loves her crate. DeeDee is a gentle and reserved pup until she has had time to warm up. She is fine with children, adults and other dogs but she may hide in her crate initially until she feels comfortable with them and then venture out to see them. Her best friend here is Barney ( also listed for adoption) an 11 yr. old rat terrier/JRT and they explore and often relax with one another. DeeDee is definitely more active but has adapted beautifully to a low activity household. Loves her treats, chew toys, rawhides and bully sticks.She comes a-runnin' when ever she hears the treat bag. She would do best in a home with not a lot of loud activity (initially) just due to her shyness. She has never attempted to react when stressed but is the type of dog that retreats to her comfort zone and withdraws to her crate. She is a the kind of dog that can be in your home but is never obtrusive as she is able to be independent. I love her dearly and she may be slow to bond with her new family, so she would do best with someone who has patience. DeeDee could be best described as a dogs' dog as they are her best friends.Dee has been fostered with large and small dogs a loves them all. She doesn't exbibit any separation anxiety and isn't scared of storms either. She loves to run and zooms about when off leash. She would love a yard to explore as she is intrigued by wildlife.Her barking is minimal and usually at other animals/people when passing my home. As I stated before it may take a little time to earn her trust but she is well worth the time. Anyone who has spent any time with her can't help but fall in love. She is one adorable pup! DeeDee is currently fostered in Huntsville, Alabama. She is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, dewormed, Rabies, micro chipped, and Heartworm negative. If you'd like more information about the adoption process please email or apply directly online at Once we receive your application we will forward it to her foster parents and they can tell you all about this adorable girl and arrange a meet and greet.

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Huntsville, AL

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