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1 year, 8 months
Medium  |  Female

Alvin, TX


Playful Girl!

Lila is a young blue-eyed Lilac Point Siamese. She was obviously dumped after showing up on the back patio of a concerned citizen.
The Vets could tell she had kittens at one time and had been on her own for quite some time weathering the cold and rain.
Lila was severely underweight (approx. half the body weight of what she should be)and has been exposed to FIV. When we took her in she had a severe upper respiratory infection which we are continuing to treat. She also had an intestinal blockage from whatever she had been eating which was not cat food and required major surgery.
During Lila's surgery the surgeons came across a lot of internal inflammation. This caused them to be suspicious of her having Lymphoma Cancer. With a big sigh of relief for Lila, the biopsies showed that she does not have cancer.
Please help us with donations for her continued medical care and vet visits.
JUNE UPDATE: Lila is now doing extremely well. She has gained weight and we have found that she is a tiny bit hypoglocemic requiring a little bit of nutrical in the mornings. With this, she has gained up to her normal weight, AND most of all is very playful!
This girl is so affectionate and loving. She really deserves a chance in life after being treated as disposable trash. If the right person/home is available, Lila is most definitely available for adoption!

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Alvin, TX

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