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11 years, 6 months

Garland, TX



DOB: 05/20/2005
Weight: 6 pounds
Health: missing lower jaw
Personality: Scared out of her mind. She does not bite though. She will run away from you and clearly doesn't know how to be held. During bath time, I'm sure she thought I was trying to kill her. She never had her nails trimmed either. She was a terrible nasty mess and I cleaned her up the best I could. This will take time to win her trust and help her become a real dog. She seems to eat fine on her own. Dogs are so resilient. God love her. She needs someone who will be very patient with her. This will not be an easy to adopt little girl.
Origin: Someone dropped her off at the Abilene animal shelter claiming she was as stray. She acts just like a puppy mill dog.

Email to request a printable application.

------Please remember our group is made of only volunteers all of whom have full time jobs, foster fur-kids, and families of their own, so please be patient.---------

Adopt Me
Garland, TX

(214) 775-0648

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