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My name is Diver. I am a 5 year old male with black coloring. I probably do not get along with cats.
[This information is incomplete. We will add more as we learn about this grey's personality.]

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Please contact GreyHeart Greyhound Rescue & Adoption of Michigan to inquire about this awesome greyhound!

Call 1-866-GET-GREY or fill out the online application at Adopt!


Our Philosophy: Adopting a greyhound IS a lifetime commitment. The greyhound can be expected to live 12 to 14 years. To ensure the safety and health of the greyhound, there are "Adoption Requirements" that must be complied with explicitly. View them on our adoption page and PLEASE do not consider adoption if you will not be able to meet this lifetime commitment or adhere to these requirements.
Please also consider the financial responsibility in adopting a greyhound - this responsibility does not end with the Adoption Fee of $250.00. While greyhounds tend to be a pretty healthy breed, there are veterinary costs associated with caring for any dog.
GREYHEART's Adoption fee includes:
Spay or neuter, Teeth cleaning-extractions included, Heartworm test, Heartworm medication - 3 month's worth, DHLPP vaccine, Lepto booster if needed, Corona-virus vaccine, Bordetella vaccine-if needed, Rabies vaccine, Flea and tick treatment, Fecal test and appropriate medication until negative results are obtained, tapeworm medication - if needed, Collar, leash, muzzle, and GREYHEART identification tag.
In the interest of the rescued/retired greyhounds we place, part of the adoption procedure includes an application interview. The purpose of this interview is to be sure the new adopters are prepared to accept the moral, physical and financial responsibilities involved in owning a greyhound...... We try to match the new adopter AND the new greyhound to fit each other's lifestyle.
Due to the greyhound's calm nature and their need for a quiet environment, we generally don't place them in homes with children under the age of 5 or homes with more than 2 children under the age of 10. Past experiences have shown us that adding a greyhound to either of these scenarios has a very low chance of success.
We want your home to be their forever home!

Please go to www.greyheart.org for information regarding the adoption of this greyhound.

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