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CBR is a volunteer run, 501(c)3 non-profit organization serving North and South Carolina. Our Boxers come to us from shelters, humane societies and directly from owners. They enter into volunteer foster homes throughout both states and live indoors with the foster family and other pets. Each Boxer receives a complete physical, immunizations, sterilization, heartworm test and treatment for any illnesses or diseases. We evaluate temperament to ensure that each Boxer we rescue will make a good family pet. These evaluations are achieved through living with the dog and watching him/her interact with children, adults and other pets. All of our Boxers are tested for aggression issues and any other behavior problems. Each dog learns basic house manners and is crate and house trained. We do not accept nor place dogs with known human aggression issues.

~~When Moms saw my skinny, sad picture and read that the rural shelter that I was taken to as a stray said "He has no hope here", well she knew that CBR was going to change all that!
I've only been here for a few days but I've already gained 5lbs! Moms has me on an eat, rest, repeat plan. I've been eating some super yummy, healthy food & have been a good boy in my crate. Personality wise Moms says it will be hard to know me really well until I'm out of "survival" mode. BUT... I was a real charmer today at the Vet, I may not have all my boxie bounce but my nub wags & I sure know how to love on all the folks! I have big paws, a blocky head, & big brown puppy dog eyes... which Moms says all the ladies love. Moms kept saying there's nothing like the boxer spirit & she says I'm going to be one handsome dude.
Dobby will be on medical hold until he has gained about 10 lbs & has the energy necessary to do more than eat & rest. He loves napping, eating, & chewing on yummy treats. We're excited to share his progress
Please visit Carolina Boxer Rescue for more information on available dogs, adoption policies, CBR events!

Anyone interested in a CBR dog should read our Views and Policies and, if in agreement, fill out and submit an application. During the processing phase, all references will be checked including vet and landlord (if renting). As long as there are no negative references and the application does not contain any information contradictory to our policy, a homevisit will then be scheduled. After the homevisit, the applicant is either approved to adopt, approved with contingencies or denied. At this point, we begin the process of matching your family with one of our boxers. Our standard adoption fee is $250.00. Mixes may be less and puppies may be more.

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Hampstead, NC

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