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3 years, 4 months

Princeton, MN



Dolly is a very affectionate, social, and pretty cat. She loves to talk and will let you know when she wants something, either by chatting, rubbing against your legs, or nuzzling her cute little face and pink nose into your hands (and she is SO soft!). She LOVES to look out the window and dream about exploring (but she is also happy to run right out the door and continue exploring so be careful!). She likes company and will follow you around the house. She is a nice cat to have around because she keeps herself entertained and will come to you if she wants or needs anything.

She is currently living with other pets (dog and cats) but she would MUCH prefer to be an only cat. She wants to have all of the cuddling and affection to herself and if another animal comes to share, she will give them the old "hissy fit" (which, we have to admit, makes us chuckle because she is all bark and no bite). Our other pets have learned to just ignore her! LOL When Dolly first arrived to our house she was very scared and spent the first couple of days hiding in the basement. We gave her the space to warm up on her own time and since then she has been incredibly sweet and affectionate, and loves to sit in laps.

She is ok with toddlers, and she lets my 3.5 year old pick her up and carry her around, but it's not her favorite thing because it is not particularly comfortable to be picked up and held by a 3.5 year old :-) When she has had enough, she gives an annoyed "mrrrrrrooooow" and waits patiently to be put down. She would make a lovely cat for a home with older (age 8 and up) kids and could be in a home with another pet as long as the other pet isn't interested in her. And she would most definitely be a lovely only pet for anyone!!

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