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2 years, 10 months
X-Large  |  Female

Griffithville, AR

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Dolly is the sweetest dog I have ever met. A Great Pyrenees mix with perhaps a Britney, judging by her beautiful markings. She craves love and dominates attention. Dolly is big and goofy and has still not grown into her size 25" at shoulder.
Dolly would do best as a single dog in a home but does well with other. Dolly truly needs a loving, caring person who has a love for a big breed dog.. Great Pyrenees is a large breed dog who was bred to guard livestock. I wonder if she had ever been in her natural environment by her reaction to being free to stand outside unbridled. In early July I watched her stand out in the pouring rain while trying to shake herself dry. J She has come to keep her distance from the chickens but seems a bit too curious to let the birds free range yet. She comes when called and does not wander off property unless following my dog. Dolly will need space like a farm this environment, this is conducive to her breed.

Works in progress:
Dolly is the "Oscar Madison", of dogs. How to drink without drooling excessively eludes Dolly. I keep a bucket of water outside for her to drink from and a mop by the bowl.
Lately Dolly has taken to putting her mouth around my dog entire head while playing which seems to be a bit intimidating. Dolly is usually first to be submissive and roll onto back.
Dolly does not like her feet touched especially her front paws, which makes washing muddy feet and trimming toe nails difficult. She does not like baths at least with a hand held shower head. I have not tried still water yet. Dolly loves to be with you and has jumped up on furniture when not being watched. She walks on a leash but tends to pull especially when excited. Dolly is very good warning dog, she will let you know if something is going on that is not normal. She kennels well and seems to have no problem being kenneled during the day thou she relishes being free. She has no problem being out in the rain but does not like thunder. Dolly cannot go to a home with children. She is very scared of them, and will nip and lunge at them. I feel some kids were not nice to her before coming to rescue.
Dolly ideal home would be a hobby farm or a home with land, with loving active adults with no children. She has so much love to give an you cannot go wrong with a big sweet loving girl like Dolly.

Dolly's adoption fee includes: Full veterinary exam, dewormed, Distemper vaccines, Bordetella vaccine, Rabies vaccine, spay, prepaid microchip and heartworm and flea/tick preventative while in rescue. Adoption fee: $285.00

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