Donald Drumpf


10 years, 4 months
Small  |  Male

Denver, CO


Meet Donald Drumpf, a 10 year old Chihuahua with an orange hue, small hand size, and air of hostility to rival presidential candidate Donald Trump's own. A true big-dog-in-a-small-body, Donald isn't above waterboarding you to discover where you hid his bone, nor using weapons of mass destruction to guard a piece of kibble. Unlike his human counterpart, however, we believe Donald's somewhat sociopathic nature is due mostly to fear and past trauma.
With lots of treats and lots of love, Donald is coming around and showing off his unique charm. He loves to show off how many big words (like “sit” and “touch”) he knows, especially when the reward is chicken. He loves to watch TV with his family, like a commoner, and complains when anyone tries to get him up before “The Apprentice” is over. Best of all, Donald won't complain when you bring a crying baby into one of his rallies- because he actually loves kids! Give him a kid to fawn over, a few dogs to wrestle with, and a dedicated place on the couch, Donald will be all set!
Want to bring our darling Mr. Grump into your home, where he’ll lounge on a golden throne and judge people’s (namely yours) business acumen? Fill out an adoption application at:

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