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Pit Bull Terrier

3 years, 2 months

Fort Mill , SC



To begin the adoption process, please fill out the SOTB Adoption Application completely. Once your application has been submitted, our Adoptions Team will be in contact shortly to set up a phone interview and a home visit.

Meet Dory. At first hearing the name you might be thinking of a little blue fish, we present you instead with a little blue pitty lovebug. Dory is often short for Dorito, her chip of choice (who is she kidding, she'll eat any kind of chip you'll share with her). Dory came to us with her babies, Sansa and Cersei. While raising two delightful, healthy, happy puppies Dory was infected with heartworms. She's fully treated now and ready to go to her forever home! Because she's undergone heartworm treatment we've had time to get to know Dory and we can tell you a lot about her!
For example; Dory is very comfortable in her crate. She'd rather have a companion dog in the room with her but her crate is a comfortable and happy place for her to spend time. Dory also loves to mimic a lap dog. If 60lbs of delight who may or may not have Dorito cheese on her lips sounds like a great snuggle buddy we've found your pocket of perfection in this petite little pitty girl. At a little over 3 years old Dory is still playful and fun but she's grown past the annoying chewing and messing stages of puppyhood.

Dory's said goodbye to her babies, she's undergone difficult heartworm treatment and emerged healthier than ever. She's paid her dues chance and destiny and she's ready now to be home forever. If that home is yours fill out our adoption application at!

Our adoption fee is $195. This covers spay/neuter, microchip, microchip registration, all age appropriate vaccines, and any needed vet care.

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Fort Mill , SC

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