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Medium  |  Female

Seattle, WA


DOT (aka, Spot)
Female Cat aged Cat.
Dot is not a SAFe Rescue kitty. Please read below for contact information on how to meet her. Dot was adopted from the Seattle Animal Shelter 13 years ago. She was a 6 month old kitten then found in the Central District. She has had the same owner all her life. Sadly the owner's husband is severely allergic to cats. She is heartbroken to have to adopt out her long-time companion.
Though Dot is older, she is often mistaken for a younger cat because of her petite (though slightly overweight) size. Words that describe Dot include: cuddly, spunky, young in spirit, yet mellow with age. Dot has the loudest purr, that can be heard across the room. She used to be called "Spot the Puppy" as a kitten because she would fetch balls! She is always friendly with strangers, and is begging to have a lap on which to sit as her owner has two small children and never sits. Dot has her claws, but has not ventured outside recently given the wild animals in the neighborhood. She eats dry food, has no health problems/dietary restrictions and is housetrained. She is a low-maintance companion.
The owner would truly like to find the best forever home for Dot. (She'd also love to have visitation rights!)
Your kindness would be forever appreciated.
Contact Nancy at 206-818-5866 to discuss and set up a meeting for her.We are open for adoptions Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 12pm -7pm, and Mondays from 2pm-5pm.
Please refer to our website ( for our adoption policies. You can also find fees other helpful tips about adopting from SAFe Rescue.

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Seattle, WA

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1 year ago

Eragon is a really cute Cat and I am looking for a cat that likes to sleep with me and sit on my lap because I need something to keep me biz and be there for me when I am down I been through hell and back and I could use an Animal that will love me no matter what happens


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