Domestic Short Hair


Los Angeles, CA


Duchess is a green-eyed, muscular, soft, sleek approximately 2-year-old adult kitty with a lush, gorgeous calico coat and raccoon-ringed tail. Her ideal home will have at least one loving adult human in it but no other animals and no younger children. She likes being around people but is overall very independent and tidy. If you want a companion and friend who will greet you happily with her musical meows as soon as she hears your footsteps and keep you company when you come home but can be trusted to stay home alone without causing any mayhem, she is the ideal cat for you.
Though this girl is a survivor, you would never know it, since her dignified behavior matches her royal name. She self-regulates her food and never begs for or steals people food, so you never have to worry about her eating too much or consuming something she isn’t supposed to. Her love of being brushed and washing herself is comically dainty for a full-sized cat. As she does not chew cables or destroy carpets or blinds, your home furnishings will be safe from her -- even if your heart won’t be after she steals it.
She does just fine by herself, but likes being around people, guiding friendly hands to wherever she most wants to be petted (always on her cheeks and chin and behind her ears). About once a day, she will let you know that she wants to play by acting a little bit less dignified and lot more like a sweet, overgrown kitten; her favorite toys are little stuffed mice, balls, and cat dancer-style strings. Besides getting her ears and chin scratched and playing with toys, her favored pastimes are looking out the window, standing on small ledges with her little paws, and sitting next to her people, especially if her person leans on her with an arm or the top of their head. If she isn’t sure if she can sit near you, she will look at you and respond gracefully to being called to sit by you.
Because of all that she has thrived her way through, Duchess is very special to her rescuer and has an especially soft spot in the hearts of her foster family and all of their friends who have had the honor of meeting her. if interested contact Longbeach@StrayCatAlliance.org

Saturdays and Sundays, 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm, at:
Centinela Feed and Pet Supplies
11055 Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA90064
Contact: Adoptions@StrayCatAlliance.org

Fremont Plaza
2568 W. Commonwealth Ave
Alhambra, CA 91803

Pet Food Express
4220 Long Beach Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90807

12741 Towne Center Dr.
Cerritos, CA90703
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9835 Chapman Avenue
Garden Grove, California92841
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Towne Center East
2550 Cherry Ave
Signal Hill, CA90755
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Adopt Me
Los Angeles, CA

(310) 281-6973

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