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Dugan (m) Rosey (f)


7 years, 10 months

Evergreen, co


Rosey and Dugan came to EAPL after their owner was sent to a nursing home and the family dropped the pair at a shelter in Oklahoma. The two sweet little dogs were emotionally traumatized with grief and recovery has been slow for them. Being bonded, they must find their forever home together.

Both are adorable long haired Chihuahuas. Rosey is 8 years old and Dugan is 6. Neither have many teeth and must have soft foods. Both have a blood sugar/seizure issue which is easily remedied by feeding two meals a day with a midday snack and a bedtime protein treat.

"Rosey is excellent with small children, other dogs and even likes cats. She is an affectionate, loving, loyal, fun, and feisty little gal! Rosey is housebroken and also uses doggy pee-pads. She would do a very good job as a hearing assist dog because she responds appropriately to telephone calls and doorbells."
They will need compassion, patience and a little time adapting to a new home but it will be well worth the effort to watch them blossom into loving, loyal, fun, and feisty little friends! Check out Dugan in his "Bad to the Bone" shirt! And Rosey with her Dino!
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