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Duke II


5 years
Large  |  Male

Chinook, WA


~~Duke ll
5.5 years old
Brindle Male
Fostered in Woodinville, WA
I'm here to tell you a little bit about myself and I do not use "little" lightly. I am a pocket Boxer with some Boston in me, I was told, but I feel I look pretty much mostly Boxer. The only time my ears go up like a Boston is when I tilt my head back and they just flop that way.
I do also have this cute tongue thing going on, I have to confess that when I relax or sleep sometimes it just sneaks out of my mouth just a tad, which again just makes me look super cute and gives me more character. Oh and just to add to the cuteness list, my lip will sometimes get hung up on my tooth. You will fall in love with my cuteness.
I’m just the perfect size because I can fit in your lap perfectly without squishing you like a normal size Boxer would. I am a 35 pound snuggle bug. I am a real good listener, so when you call me or just say my name, I come running. I know how to sit and lay down. And bonus, I know how to give high fives.
I enjoy other dogs and would like a friend to hang with when you are not home, but I love my people best. I will always be where you are just 'cause I like your company. When I see new people or dogs, I can’t help myself but pull on the leash to go meet knew things. I am getting better at redirecting but will need more help with that one just because I get so excited. If I’m walking around the neighborhood with no distractions, I walk great.
I am crate trained and am normally quiet but will whine sometimes when I think nap time should be over. I like to sleep on the bed next to my foster mom so she knows I’m right there. The couch is pretty comfy too and again that keeps me close to you. I have energy but I sleep more than I run around. I would be great for hiking or just hanging out. I used to jump up quite a bit but have been getting better; it’s just that excitement thing when I see someone new, otherwise my paws stay on the ground.
I love respectful kids and all the attention I get from them. Loud noises can sometimes surprise me, just reassure me its OK and I’m fine. I love to go for car rides and sit quietly once we get going.
My perfect forever family would be someone who wants me with them as much as I want to be with them. So if you are looking for the cutest pint size pup ever, fill out an application and I’ll start packing my bags. I am being fostered and loved in Woodinville, WA. Adoption Application #wigglinboxers #boxerrescue
Phone (360) 723-0219

Adopt Me
Chinook, WA

(360) 723-0219

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