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Miami, FL


Let's be happy together

Hi everyone, my name is Earl. Just like a lot of my friends here at Paws 4 You, I'm looking for a home. But I've been having a little issue that I want to talk to you about. A lot of the humans who walk through here never stop to say hi to me. They just walk right past my kennel to visit little yappy dogs. I really can't figure it out, but it makes me so sad and so discouraged. One day I actually heard someone say that I was big and scary. I was so confused. Me??? They think that about ME??? Big cuddly ME??? Just because I'm big and strong doesn't mean I’m not sweet and loving. All I want to do is go for walks and cuddle. Really, that's it. But as time keeps passing, I'm starting to lose hope. I'm starting to worry that people won’t ever give me a chance. Sometimes I think I might never make it out of here. And it's just not fair. I once heard you should never judge a book by its cover. I have no idea what that means because I’m a dog, BUT I do know that you should never judge a dog by its breed. I know I will be the best dog you ever had. I just know it. I even listen to commands that people always seem to like to give so much. I really just want a chance to show you how happy we could be together. Please give me that chance.

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Miami, FL

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