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Toronto, ON


To adopt this dog or any other dog with Rat Terrier Rescue Canada, please go to: Rat Terrier Rescue Canada Adoption Application

All of our dogs are in loving foster homes. The foster parents have written the bios you will read with what they know about each dog. If you are interested in one of our dogs, rather than sending an inquiry through Petfinder, please fill out an application following our link It will be forwarded to the foster home where any questions can be answered. I am being fostered in Caledon East, Ontario, Canada.

I know, I KNOW! My mesmerizing looks got your attention…but that’s just the beginning.

Let me tell you a little more about myself. My name is Eddie. I am already 2 years old but weigh only 6 lbs, and act like a puppy. I have a beautiful short, soft caramel coat, and am keeping my weight just perfect. I have deep, soulful brown eyes that stare longingly until you ask me to join you on your lap.

Even though I am all Chihuahua, the Rat Terrier Rescue of Canada saved my life. You see, back in Texas, I was put on the euthanasia list, just because there are so many chihuahuas like me and not enough loving homes. But why me? Well, because I am the NICEST little Chihuahua you will meet. Everyone that helped me get to Canada have fallen in love with my personality. The file mentions that I was found as a stray and brought to the shelter, but the kind people that saved me have come to the conclusion that my previous owners must have been awesomely loving, because I am so well adjusted and seek everyone’s presence.

I have been staying at my foster parent’s home for just over one week. During that time, I have showered everyone I meet with furry snuggles and kisses, along with wagging tails. I have the most tender eyes that will melt your heart.

I love my people so much that I got the nicknamed “Velcro”. Yes, I will literally sit by your feet (or between them) when you are standing in one spot for any longer than a few seconds.

My hobbies? Well, It’s a toss between sunning myself on the deck or going for walks. If you have a place where I can run (like a fenced yard), I will be unstoppable! But be warned, when travelling by car or when outside, always put a harness on me or I might accidentally pull out of my collar.

I LOVE to play with my “furry" siblings by inviting them with play bows and little bum wiggles. When I can, I also invite my people to play with me; I particularly like playing tug-of-war and fetch games. If no one is available, then I entertain myself with my toys…and my people just stop what they are doing to laugh along at my antics.

I do well with cats, dogs, and adults. I’m not sure about kids because I haven’t had the opportunity to be around them recently. My foster parents think I would be probably ok meeting them but not living in the same know, being so small and fragile. I could easily be trampled.

I travel well in cars.

I am a little timid with food at first, and will tend to stop eating to look around during the first few days.

I am not quite potty trained yet so, your love, gentleness, patience, persistence, and consistency, will greatly help me get there. I love when you bring me out frequently, especially after I wake up or start being active. I’m already starting to ask for the door by putting my paw on it. A few reminders like (go pee-pee) help me remember what I need to do. Also, make sure you watch how much water I drink…as I can get over enthusiastic. My foster parents are monitoring the situation.

I am crate trained as needed. I do very well at night, especially if I can sleep in the same room as you. I am super quiet. Now, during the day, things are a little different. Once I bond with my people, I do not like to be left alone…especially in a crate. So, right now, my foster parents are showing me that the crate is a safe and comfortable place to spend a few hours when needed. However, it’s only been a week, so I need more time to work through my separation anxieties with lots of practice at increasing the amount of time or distance I am from my “people”. I am so ready to be adopted.

So, what are you waiting for? Put in your application so we can meet!
Rat Terrier Rescue Canada Adoption FeesPuppy* (under 1 year).................$425.00*Adult (1 -9 years)........................$375.00Senior (ten years and up)........... $300.00The adoption fee includes spay/neuter, excluding *puppies which may or may not be spayed/neutered. The adoption fee also includes, at a minimum, vaccinations, de-worming, I.D. tag and microchip insertion. We gratefully accept any amount above the adoption fee as a donation used to support our mission to save as many dogs as possible. Registered Canadian Charity #80288 7620 RR0001 To adopt this dog go to: goto: see more pictures: goto:

Rat Terrier Rescue Canada is a non-profit organization with a network of fosterhomes throughout Canada. Our adoption fee is $350 for adults, and $400 for puppies. Dogs 11 years and older the adoption fee is $300. All of our rescued dogs are spayed/neutered, heartworm tested, up to date on vaccinations, and microchipped. Interested in Adopting? Please fill out an adoption application on our website: Rat Terrier Rescue Canada Adoption Application
Or Better yet why not become a volunteer with Rat Terrier Rescue. Canada If interested please go to: Volunteering with Rat Terrier Rescue Canada

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Toronto, ON

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Great website for rescue dogs.

Boria Noll

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